Top producing sires

Can CH Kijis Pride Darlin Dextra R.O.M. (13)

By: Fin CH Duncara Victorian Xtra
Ex: Eng CH Duncara Nuit de Chanson

Sire of:
Am./Can CH Kiji's Hey Cinderella Wildheart (Can)
Am./Can CH Kijis Ivanhoe At Donalen (Can)
Can CH Kijis Kameo Appearance (Can)
Can CH Kijis Marti Parti
Can CH Kijis Notorious Napoleon
Can CH Kijis Phenomenal Presley
Can CH Kijis Pied Piper
Can CH Kijis Precious Pearl
Can CH Kijis Pretty Page
Can CH Kiji Xtra Edition Of Nothinbut
Can CH Volare Call'er Bella
Can CH Volare Capitaine Baggio
Can CH Wildhearts Against The Wind

[B] 1/2000 & 3/1995
[D] 8/1999 & 3/1995
[B] 11/1995
[D] 11/1996
[D] 3/1997
[D] 9/1997
[D] 8/1997
[B] 10/1999
[B] 5/1997
[B] 11/2000
[B] 6/1995
[D] 2/1996
[B] 9/1997

Am./Can CH Kijis Ivanhoe At Donalen R.O.M. (12)

By: Can CH Kijis Pride Darlin Dextra
Ex: Kijis China Doll Pride

Sire of:
Can CH Donalen Beau Geste
Can CH Donalen Bien Amie
Can CH Donalen Chere Chantelle Volare
Can CH Donalen Deja Vu of Wildheart
Am./Can CH Donalen Etoile De Nuit (Can)
Can CH Donalen Femme Fatale
Am./Can CH Donalen Flambeaux Favori (Can)
Am./Can CH Donalen Fox Lane Touche (Can)
Can CH Donalen Rising Tide At Rideout
CH Duncara Nutkin (Import)
Can CH Volare Faer Faldor At Nutrax
Can CH Volare Faer Fantom

[D] 9/1996
[B] 4/1997
[B] 5/1997
[B] 9/1999
[B] 8/1999
[B] 9/2000
[D] 11/1999
[D] 8/2000
[B] 11/2001
[B] 3/1999
[D] 4/1997
[D] 5/1997

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